This is the perfect service for Our clients who want an eyelash enhancement service, without committing to eyelash extensions. No more lash curlers that can damage lashes.

STUDIO 120 LASH LIFT  $55 ​ Alternative to lash extensions (TIME Runs 1hr)

What is a Lash Lift?
The Dolly Lash Eyelash Lift is a brand new eyelash enhancing treatment that has been sweeping Europe and Asia.  It's now available in the USA here at Studio 120,  and it is changing the way women curl their lashes!
This is not your old fashioned eyelash perm done with clunky and uncomfortable perm rods.  The Dolly Lash Eyelash Lift is done with smooth silicon gel pads.  While you comfortably rest, eyes closed, we work our magic and you wake up with gorgeous curled and lifted lashes.


NOTE: Dolly Lash Lift and Tinting as depicted in this video are 2 separate services with 2 separate prices. See Our Tinting page for more Info on Tinting.

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