Cancellation Policy: Treatment times are reserved especially for you. If you need to cancel your appointment please call or Text us at (210) 396-8515. Since we turn away other clients to hold your reservation any cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice, your visit or voucher is subject to forfeiture or a no show charge will be assessed to your account for the full value of the service booked.  





​Why Does Studio 120 prefer the NOVALASH brand? ​
NOVALASH is the ONLY lash extension product that is U.S. Pharmaceutical (USP)
Grade and doctor-formulated for safety along with the award winning
NOVALASH-PLATINUM BOND (formaldehyde FREE) adhesive
NOVALASH Extensions (Standard synthetic)

​Initial Set: $197 (2 hour process)

~1 week   $40 (60 minutes)
~2 weeks $65 (70 minutes)
~3 weeks $75 (80 minutes)
~4 weeks $84 (85 minutes)
~5 weeks + will require a new set, call Studio for details. (See NEW Client fill)


MINK Extensions (slightly darker softer synthetic)

​Initial Set: $207 (2 hour process)

~1 week $50   (60 minutes)
~2 weeks $70 (70 minutes)
~3 weeks $80 (80 minutes)
~4 weeks $89 (85 minutes)
~5 weeks + will require a new set, call Studio for details. (See NEW Client fill)
~ADUSTMENT FILL $25 (30 minutes)
*this fill is scheduled only when making slight adjustments, if you are due for a 1 week plus fill you will be required to book the above fills accordingly. In the event that this is booked on line and records indicate that the client is 1 or more weeks out the price will be adjusted at the time of check out to appropriate fill pricing above, per management. 
All Fill times posted are approximate times and may vary based on spectrum of work needed for fill.
*It is a requirement that our lash clients are punctual in their arrival times for each of these visits simply due to time constraints on the esthetician and quality of work. 
All of our lash fills above are based on time and cost, time being the most important of the two. When booking on line please refer to your last booking and the sparseness of the remaining lashes. 
When having your lashes done by another lash professional and applied improperly or inferior product is possibly used, this may require a correction or adjustment. This also reflects lashes that are in poor condition due to extra wear and tear.  This rate may vary dependent on further evaluation by our lash professionals at the time of visit and may require more time. We can schedule an extra visit accoringly to be sure that your lash extensions are something you will love. If you're happy We are Happy ;).
**A NEW CLIENT FILL also applies to current clientele that have visited other salons for fills and are returning.
** Denotes fill pricing rates as loyalty discounts.
~Have lighter colored natural lashes and want a darker deeper look? Try a lash tint before your lash extensions or fills. See our "tinting" page.